When Bouvet is Finally Activated . . .

When we get close to an actual Bouvet activation, I might pull the trigger on this bugger. ACOM makes my favorite amplifiers – and I like their TRI tuning circuitry. When you have to tune manually – you don’t miss potential problems that you do when you have a solid state amp with an auto tuner. On top of that – tube amps seem much more forgiving than solid state amps.

The biggest problem for me right now is that the last two that I need probably won’t be activated anytime soon. Its not really a problem – because there’s no hurry to make a decision, but I have to admit, i was pretty excited about 3Y0Z. The big question for me is whether or not its even worth purchasing an amplifier for 2 QSO’s. But the “force is strong within me” as far as earning HR #1 from my own back yard. That has been my goal since July 2001 – and I think I am one of the last to be able to do this sort of thing.

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