DXCC on Top Band is Rare

Lately I’ve downplayed my DXCC achievement on 160M because one night I made one QSO from an East Coast(ish) remote. I have atoned for my sins and redacted that QSO from my award points (I didn’t send that card to the ARRL to have it checked).  The remote heard so much more 160M DX in Tennessee than anything I’ve ever heard on the West Coast. That’s when I realized just making 100 on 160M on the West Coast is indeed a big deal. I received the little 160M plate the other day and added it to my 5BDXCC plaque, bringing the total up to 9BDXCC.

Almost by accident, I looked at this DXCC certificate, and holy smokes, not many have made DXCC on Top Band on either coasts. Statistics wise, this might just end up being a bigger deal than my Honor Roll or 9BDXCC award. I know for a fact that 160M on the West Coast is very hard to do when it’s 100% from your own back yard. A nice surprise for a gorgeous spring day here in the East Bay near San Francisco.

I wonder if any news will come out of IDXC – things have been quite boring since the first quarter in 2016, when 5 out of 10 top 10 Most Wanted were activated. I think that quarter was a record. What a time!

4 Comments on “DXCC on Top Band is Rare

  1. Hams from Tennessee will be delighted to know that they are on the east coast! 🙂


    • I grew up on the real East Coast (NJ). True, TN is not East Coast, but closer than CA….


      • Rich, I can’t accept having my station’s East Coast bona fides called into question. This aggression will not stand!

        All things are relative, some more than others.


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