SteppIR UrbanBeam Testing

Yesterday, solar conditions were quite good, so I jumped from band to band playing with the UrbanBeam.

These days will become fewer and far between. Expect about 2 years of days where the MUF will be lower than 30M. Your “saving grace” will be 40 Meters.

My UrbanBeam is only up 32-ish feet. It’s low for 40M, almost good for 30M, but plenty fine for 20M and above. I worked 3B7A on 40M with the UrbanBeam, which is a surprise – but I am very glad that I also have the DX Engineering DV-40-P.

Its hard to say if and when Bouvet will be activated, and I know that Glorioso is the French equivalent of the US F&W Navassa situation. I also know that the French team activates a new place every 2 years, so I don’t expect Glorioso or Bouvet to be activated until 2020 – ish. This is a good thing – since we might be coming out of a deep null sunspot wise – but even if we are still in the dregs, 40M will be it for sure.

3Y0I still states that they will activate Bouvet at the end of 2018 – but I can only hope. The Bouvet path is easier than the Glorioso path, Bouvet will be workable on more bands too.

You know – it is actually good to have these last two DXCC ATNO’s that I need. And its also nice to know that there is no rush at all. I have to admit – the lead up to these epic DXpeditions is always more exciting than after all is said and done – so to have a carrot or two dangling out there is good for the DX soul.

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