Should I Revive The DXCC Sleuth?

I’ve had several people wish that I had kept doing a blog that I had a few years back called “The DXCC Sleuth”.

It became too much of a chore because I realized I’d have to keep it updated. I recently even discussed with others that it could possibly be a Wiki.

But now I realize that Clublog already does this – sort of, and that maybe my personal point of view is valid. I had abandoned The DXCC Sleuth because I guess I only had half a clue of what my intentions were.

Now that I am at the very end of DXCC, and now that I realize that some of the “Class of 1997” or VK0IR Team members (who went on to define the Ultra Mega DXpedition, with polar activations using big ships and even helicopters) are starting to retire, maybe writing a very personal DXCC story is OK.

Here’s the “Pitch”:

  • I would start each entity description with the QSL card I used to submit for my Honor Roll and Top of Honor Roll award (both Mixed)
  • I would include historical activations that I find interesting and significant
  • I would walk backward using Glorioso and Bouvet first (the two I haven’t worked) and then progress backward using my log and ATNO QSL Card Binder as my guide.
  • I would include rig and antenna used and any other interesting technical aspects, but overall, this is a walk through memory lane more than anything

Would you follow along if I decided to do this?

If I get 10 thumbs up, I’ll revive the DXCC Sleuth.

11 Comments on “Should I Revive The DXCC Sleuth?

    • This could be a lot of fun – and a good way to stay connected with the shack during the bottom of this cycle


    • Thanks Markus – it seems like an interesting thing to do at this point in my DX-ing “career”.


  1. After we spoke about it, I too realized that ClubLog provides a detailed breakdown of activations (callsigns and dates) for whitelisted entities. That could still provide a jumping-off point, but a lot of work, and too dry unless it were possible to track down the stories behind those expeditions.

    It would be interesting to read your own personal retrospective, entity-by-entity, but I’d do it in forward chronological order, from first worked to present. That way, it will provide a more representative feeling of the growing effort and difficulties (and mania?) involved, and would offer an opportunity for digressions into the evolution of your rigs, antennas, etc. And, dare I say it, surely a bit of nostalgia. A nice little valedictory summary of your 15+ years as a DX-chaser. I’d read that.


    • I almost forgot that Clublog not only has stats – but does have what is a Wiki. Clublog is pretty awesome in so many regards.

      Then it occurred to me that the real story was along the lines of how Bob Locher, W9KNI described his DX chase – and making it even more personal – with some funny stories (like a fence and field that caught fire due to a crappy balun made with PVC tubing but with a BIG name that fooled us all) that overheated and burst in flames.

      I also like the idea that I would start at the beginning – and include the rigs and antennas used along the way. The technical side evolved as well as operating and just getting over early ignorance – like missing VP8THU becuase I thought all VP8’s were the same entity. Now these things are embarassing, but more funny than sad.


      • And if you felt like it, maybe even some commentary on your personal life and the broader rhythms of the outside world. It’s always more interesting to understand these things in context.

        I think you should blog it but it could also be the makings of a book. “17 Years Behind the Dial” by R. Holoch.


  2. This would be very interesting. Given your many antenna changes and 9BDXCC you could also discuss propagation from this part of the West Coast. I don’t know of anyone else that has done this.


    • Thanks Harris – and adding in propagation with notes on time of day, time of year and where we were in the sunspot cycle, plus antenna used should help others


  3. 👍👍👍

    Maybe also consider having a guest write about one of their QSLs that are part of their DXCC adventure….would take a bit of the pressure off you once you establish the blogging “model.”


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