The DXCC Sleuth Rebooted!

I received enough cards, letters, faxes and telegrams to reboot and restart The DXCC Sleuth. You can find it here:

I will keep this topbandchordalhopper blog a meandering – technical leaning blog, and after some initial “tweaking” of the DXCC Sleuth format – will run with that for 3 years and then consider it my “trophy”. Its the perfect follow up to actually earning Honor Roll and Top of Honor Roll.

If it proves really popular, who knows, maybe I will have it printed book style – but I am very much an “Open Source” kind of guy. Years ago I looked into writing a book on the Perl dbd:dbi for O’Reilly, and I met with an agent who said unless the book sells at least 100,000 copies – you don’t make any money and you spend a ton of time on it. She said most people write technical books as a marketing tool for their consulting work. I’ve never needed to do that as a DBA and for the past 13 years – a Data Architect. I figure if its a vanity project – make it free and people will either like it and follow it – or not.

Maybe I will just print up some copies for my kids as a keepsake though – that would be worth it.

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