3Y0Z Cancelled

Today, 3Y0Z announced (and first reported by DX News) that they are discouraged that the prospects that they can get another ship to go activate Bouvet is not working out, so they will abandon the project. After they get their container back and pay off all bills – they will send a pro-rata refund to all donors.


The 3Y0Z principles and team is one of the best, and my gut feeling is that if they can’t do it, it might be hard for anyone to do so. The leaders were also part of the Landmark team on VK0IR, and several others from that 1997 Epic Adventure are in their 70’s now and have retired from DXpeditioning.

This leaves me with some questions:

  1. Will Bouvet be activated again? Maybe a scientist or the 3Y0I team?
  2. Will anyone from 3Y0Z retire after this?
  3. Is this the end of a DXCC era?
  4. There are quite a few younger members on the 3Y0Z Team who have experience organizing DXpeditions – will they step up and take the place of anyone on 3Y0Z who might retire from DXpeditioning?

It will be interesting to see what follows.

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