Bouvet Island: The Toughest Nut to Crack?

Bouvet Island

This is one of those personal feelings that you get, and its not something really clear and concrete. Its a feeling that with time it might become more clear. This is where hindsight will become 20/20.

I feel that 3Y0Z represents the end of an era – perhaps the end of the “Ultra Mega Going to Very Hard Places to Get to” era? I mentioned on several occasions that I worked with Bob, KK6EK, who was on the team of VK0IR. He and other principles of that DXpedition had done previous DXpeditions – but VK0IR was different – and I didn’t even work it or was a DXer or on the air at that time. But working with Bob and hearing his stories and reading his book – I can tell that that DXpedition was a turning point of sorts or an era or sorts.

I also feel that the second quarter of 2016 was the beginning of the end of that era (when 5 top 10 entities were activated and three of the entities being polar (South Sandwich, South Georgia and Heard Island). Ironically, these three entities had also last been activated by members of VK0IR, or what I internally think about as “The Class of 1997” . . .

It coincides with the end of my personal DXCC era – the first era where I had the big drive goal wise. I’m past that now – its a thing to reminisce about – but its over – its done with.

Being two entities away from Top of Honor Roll but no longer pining for it (as I had been) coupled with the demise of 3Y0Z reminds me that these projects are extremely difficult on many levels and perhaps we have been really lucky for many years – but that Bouvet Island remains the toughest nut to crack . . . and that there is no guarantees that these will all happen. I think what the Class of 1997 did most was make the impossible look almost easy.

3Y0Z reminds us not to take these projects for granted.

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