I Listened To The Search and Rescue Effort for the Edmund Fitzgerald on Shortwave Radio

In 1971 or thereabouts, I built my first Heathkit Shortwave receiver – the woeful SW-717:

That ended up being my Novice receiver – but to an 11 year old – this was the cats meow – it looked cool – heh heh. I do remember one very eventful thing – hearing a search and rescue effort for the Edmund Fitzgerald. It was a lost cause – but Gordon Lightfoot captured the feeling brilliantly. I was reminded of this with an internet prank song – posted by the genius behind Bad Lip Reading – and he is a very talented genius for sure:


it does remind me of 1973 – and Gordon Lightfoot – for whatever reason:




All these years later an I appreciate Gordon Lightfoot a lot more than I did then – I guess I took it for granted because he was on the “Top 40” radio. The lyrics and the melodies are the best pop has to offer.

All of this because of an internet joke. That’s pretty cool!

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