Don’t Under Estimate The Importance of The Man Cave

The new KY6R shack and man cave. An industrial, yet comfy place to hang out.

I’ve been working on this project since the unfortunate demise of 3Y0B. While I really was quite sad that the team didn’t make it  – I more felt bad for the guys who had to travel all that way for naught than me not making an ATNO.

I did switch on the “post DXCC” antenna farm and shack project though, and today is the day that I have finished this project. I should say – finished as far as re-doing everything and ending up at what I had envisioned back in late January / early February.

I built this shack in the garage pretty much as soon as I moved into this house. The absolute best times in the shack have been early mornings on the low bands, with coffee – and while I struggled with Top Band DXCC, 40M has always been my low band of choice.

The new chapter begins!

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