ACOM 1010

I just love ACOM amplifiers. This is one part of ham radio where I prefer tube amps over solid state. The tuning of the ACOM amps just can’t be beat – idiot proof and if your antennas are 3:1 SWR or better, you do not need an external tuner – which is really super.

When running high power, I like to have my hand in the tuning and the “pulse” of what is going on. Solid state amps have a lower tolerance for issues – and sometimes an automatic antenna tuner gives you a false sense of security. With this ACOM amp – if it doesn’t tune right – I’m done until I figure out what the antenna is doing. With an auto tuner – I’d let it try to find the right settings, and I just don’t like that with high power. With 100 watts or less – it doesn’t matter. I like the fact that its 800 watts – that is about perfect for what I want to do now – and the size of the amp is small for a tube amp. I’ll be respectable in any pileup, but I really don’t want to run anything more – in fact, most of the time I will be running barefoot these days. But for the longer paths – like ZS or 3Y or FT/G – this will be just right.

Anyway, I’m tickled pink with the ICOM IC-7610 and ACOM 1010. It is living up to my dream after 3Y0Z fell through and I decided to re-do my shack and antennas. The UrbanBeam, 80M vertical and DX Engineering DV-40-P, plus the phased Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops sure round out my station – and I even have montors mounted on the wall for that “mission control” feel – hi hi.

Yes, this is the new KY6R “Happy Station” . . .

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