Solar Cycle 25 …

I read a solar report today (ARRL Propagation Bulletin P019 by Tad Cook) that reminded me that one of the worst predictions we have in science is the ability to predict a solar cycle and it’s activity.

What I read was something that seems possible, given the past predictions and the fact that Cycle 24 predictions were all over the map.

Tad was hoping that we would have a cycle like Cycle 19, which hit it’s peak the year I was born. Stories about 10 and 6 meters being open 24×7 are what dreams are made of.

The thing is, anything is possible.

I’ve been following most “conventional wisdom” regarding Cycle 25 predictions, that sunspots will be half what they were for Cycle 24, and another saying it will be similar to the current cycle.

The good news is that we don’t seem to really know, and like HF Ionospheric propagation itself, anything is possible.

My dream is that we have another Cycle 19 this time around so I can make 6M DXCC with 100 watts and my UrbanBeam up 34-ish feet.

I’m not counting on it, but I like Tad’s idea to “dream big”.

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