Cycle 24: Bottoms Up

I could tell today that we are getting close to the bottom of the cycle, but not quite. I heard a ZL station on 15M and also on 17M. Very weak, but easy to copy on the 7610.

The telltale sign will be that even 20M sounds dead or only has local communication going on. Today 20M definitely sounded that way, so I was surprised to hear anything in the higher bands at any distance. I read that some believe Cycle 25 could even start this year.

This has me a little worried about conditions for a 3Y0I Bouvet activation, so I think I need to keep checking the ZS SP path on a regular basis. Bill, ZS6CCY hasn’t been on 40M for what seems like almost a month.

I hope he comes back on, his signal was the best propagation beacon.

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