The Armchair DXer – a Year Later

Its been 2 years since VK0EK, and I was bit worried that I might come to regret not going on that trip – I certainly could have if I wanted. Now that I have restarted The DXCC Sleuth, I realize more than ever how much I like being a DX chaser, and that I never have nor ever will be a world traveler – its just not my thing.

I have journey’s and travels right in my own back yard and in my shack. My travels are always on a bike – I just don’t go that far from home. I travel every day on BART to San Francisco – and ride my bike to and from BART. Every day is just a little bit different, and every day is its own little journey.

Its just the way I like it.

One little in shack journey was Top Band – I really thought I wanted to be a big 160M aficionado. It was so hard to get to 100, I have completely changed my mind. I’ve toiled enough and paid my dues. I’ve proven myself – to myself, and feel sated. I had enough. I have checked 160M lately – and its the same old same old- which is mostly nothing here on the West Coast. I don’t miss that OCD – hi hi. In contrast, last night 40M came back to life after a few weeks of very anemic behavior. I can’t even correlate why with “the numbers”. Up until last night, and for a couple of weeks, the band was noisy and even West Coast signals were terrible.

Many times I set out on a new goal or journey and have some notion in my mind – its fun to look back and laugh at yourself when the path turns out to be different than some lofty goal or idea that you had. Of course being a hobby – its all optional.

This week I’m really curious about who will win the SWODXA DXpedition of the Year award. Not because I have a horse in the race – more because I don’t. It will also be very interesting to see what gear announcements or DXpedition announcements are made.

Last year I went to Dayton – this year I’ll tune into the several bloggers and pod-caster’s channels and see what transpires.

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