A Full Stack Summer!

The big news this summer will no doubt be my learning React.js at work – and calling REST API’s that I design and build using Python on the back end database layer. The two work like a charm – and I’m not using Redux.js or anything else – in fact I’m going pretty “bare bones” – and with MySQL on the backend, and Airflow to handle ETL between my app and the Data Warehouse – its a really cool ecosystem.

One thing I can do for sure is build a great Web Based Ham Radio Suite – if I wanted to – and I will if the React work at work slows down. I’ve been told that I will become crazy popular – because there are just not enough React.js developers out there – while there are plenty of Python developers.

Learning React.js has had a really steep learning curve, but luckily, a good friend and ex-Ham at work has taken pity on me and is mentoring me. We’ve been having big fun – and he said he has never seen anyone pick up the front end development like I have. Plus – I now can honestly say I’m a full stack developer, and can pretty much do it all – SQL RDBMS, Data Warehouse, ETL, front end, middle REST API layer, etc, etc.

I can already tell that the “trajectory” of this summer is FAST. It will fly by as it always does when I am crazy busy at work – and also that combined with learning something as intense as React.js

I’m looking forward to it – no boredom here.

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