The 2018 Top Band “Two-Fer”

Baker and Ducie are on this year, and they will be chip shots from the West Coast on the Low Bands – which is a rare occurrence.

I think I will launch a line back up in my neighbors tree – and use it long enough for these DX-peditions. Turns out – I have both of these entities on 80 – 10M, so only 160 and 6M are left. The UrbanBeam covers 6M, so I’ll put that line up for 160M and do something really lazy – since that’s all I will need. I’ve modeled just unhooking the 80M 60′ vertical I have from its matching box and using it along with another 60′ line up in a tree another 60′ and separated by 5′. Kind of a weird dipole.

The other thing I could do is shoot a line up 60′ and use two top sloping hats – again – easy and lazy.

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