Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy . . .

The Armchair DXer

From July 2001 – December 2012, I was in “Honor Roll OCD Mode“. The DXCC Force Was With Me!

From January 2013 – March 2016, I was in “Top of Honor Roll” and “Top Band” OCD Mode(s). These were not nearly as bad (I mean good!) as Honor Roll OCD Mode – there is something about Honor Roll and nothing else compares. HOWEVER, my three years from 2013 – 2016 with the TX5K and VK0EK DXpeditions were almost like a highly condensed version of the Honor Roll OCD years – another intense set of years – that happened on the heels of earning Honor Roll. TX5K paled in comparison to VK0EK as far as my involvement goes.

While I never gave up my other hobbies, duties or relationships in life – I can say those OCD years were a central theme in my life – and as I had mentioned before – turned out to be the healthiest time to be buried in such a venture – with two parents passing and a divorce with children thrown in. There never had been – or (hopefully) will be, a time like that again.

Cozy and fun new shack – my favorite shack yet . . . 

We are at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, and this time – unlike late 2008 or so – I am not caring what conditions are like since I don’t have anything I’m chasing, and the last two I need may or may not happen. I also just don’t have the Top of Honor Roll OCD any more.

Other things in life have taken full center stage – and my ham radio time on the air is 98% SWL. I expect to chase Baker and ducie on 160M – only because if I don’t I will all but have ended my DXCC chase, and I guess I want to keep at least my pinky toe in the DXCC Pool.

I’ve been having the best time bike commuting and travelling with Kat, and doing home improvement projects, and I have been at my pinnacle work wise at Credit Karma. Throw in a little Maker play – and life is well balanced and not fraught with any major OCD’s.

Its a relaxing and rewarding time that I am enjoying – I guess the best explanation for how I feel is:

Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

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