The Zenith of my DXing Career: FY2016Q1-ish

I’ve been reminiscing my years from 2001 – 2012 (Honor Roll) and beyond:

and while there have been other years where I worked many more ATNO’s, none were so “concentrated” with Top 10 Most Wanted as what happened in the first Quarter (ish) of 2016. These Top 10 Most Wanted were activated:

  • Heard Island
  • South Sandwich and South Georgia
  • Palmyra
  • Juan deNova

Add in the Deletion of Kingman Reef, and for me, I landed Heard Island and South Sandwich (much more rare than South Georgia), and got a “gimme” with Kingman.

The real big story was Heard Island and my involvement – and winning DXpedition of the Year. It still gives me a big smile when I think about how much was going on at that time and how it all converged.

When I get to VK0EK and Heard Island on that blog – I will offer some back stories I’ve never blogged about. I’ll never forget riding my bike to work (I had a contract at GE in San Ramon for a big chunk of final planning for VK0EK and then worked at an SF startup Travana – now long gone). But some of the mornings where I got phone calls and had to stop my bike and why I got those calls will be interesting blogging me thinks.

Stay tuned – it will be a while before I get to Heard Island in the DXCC Sleuth . . .

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