Art Worth Stealing?

Aunt Mabel and Uncle Thaddeus – 2008, R. Holoch 

At the bottom of the last Sunspot Cycle (23), I spent a lot of time under the house in what used to be a work area – making Assemblage art. It was a phase, and I was very productive. I had one show at a funky gallery in San Francisco (The Mission District). One piece was stolen – its called “Aunt Mabel and Uncle Thaddeus” and it was a Rusted Tin piece – the size of an Altoids tin, and the theme was one I always had good luck with – a sort of New Orleans “Voodoo” or Creole “Black Magic” theme.

The Hypnotist – 2008, R. Holoch

Voodoo – 2008, R. Holoch

I’ve given many of the pieces away – I only have so much room in my small-ish house and after a few fell and smashed to pieces, I decided they would be better enjoyed by anyone who asked for one. When I worked at Lithium in Emeryville (before they moved to SF) – I would bring a couple in and anyone who noticed them and ranted and raved about them walked away with one. You should have seen the happy faces!

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