Covet Thy BS7H QSL Card!

At the beginning of the last bottom of a sunspot cycle – 2007 – Scarborough Reef was activated. I had a simple 20M Moxon only up 35 feet or so – so not quite as good as my Urban Beam that I have now – but close. Thanks to Martti, OH2BH’s persistence and sticking with me – I finally got in the log. I’ll never forget the nasty “frying pan” noise due to conditions that seem very much like they are now, 11 years later.

DX Engineering had what is now a “Mystery DXpedition” advertised on their web site – apparently, someone was planning a DXpedition there.

There is one web site that offers a really lame attempt at sarcastic comedy regarding an April fools style Scarborough Reef DXpedition announcement, but the real news is that there is no news – not for Scarborough, not for Bouvet.

As every month goes by I get more and more convinced that at least a couple entities on the DXCC List will never be activated again. I still think Scarborough will end up as a Chinese base or at least an unattended monitoring post of some sort.


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