Ham Radio: A Multi-Faceted Hobby

DXers like to say “The reward is the journey“.

That phrase reminds me that it applies in many “threads” that apply to many facets in the hobby. Its a multi-dimensional hobby might be another way to look at it.

There are many journeys on many paths in Ham Radio

You might be interested in collecting Morse Code Keys and experiencing a bit of nostalgia, and at the same time – deciding on what latest and greatest SDR technology to invest in. These two “threads” or “paths” may or may not converge, and neither have to be related if you don’t want to. But maybe you found a WWII Spy Straight Key and you use your new SDR radio to chase SKCC using your Morse Code Key collection. Then what could be separate threads or paths converge.

You might build a 1970’s era Analog Field Strength Meter, and

Use an ESP8266 MCU to process the voltage supplied by the Field Strength Meter.

The combinations are only constrained by your imagination, and the number of different facets or aspects in Ham Radio keep the hobby relevant – no matter how many curmudgeons you meet who seem to wear virtual Tee Shirts that say “Ham Radio is Dying:.

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