VOACAP Online – Excellent New Features

The new VOACAP Online Interface includes coverage maps – and you should switch to using the new URL (below) as the old ones will be ramped down in July

Since I’ve recently learned React.js and built my first web app at work (an Enterprise Data Dictionary that spans 4 data sources – MySQL, Postgres, BigQuery and Google GCS), I know first hand how difficult it is to take lots of data and try to build an “information architecture” and then a UI that makes the very complex easy.

Peri, OH6BG, James, HZ1JW and Juho, OH8GLV have done just that. After several iterations of the UI, this most recent release offers a very easy and intuitive entry point – a very pleasing looking map and a row of button at the bottom of the screen.

The new URL is – http://www.voacap.com/hf/

First – set your location and the DXpeditions location (I’m using Bouvet), then set your antennas, and finally, click on the many options to present data in a way that helps you make decisions – as a DXpedition Organizer – when the best time to go would be, and for the DXer at home – the best time and band to chase them.

My favorite is what seems like an improvement on the Dean Straw, N6BV chart. For years, I liked charts and graphs, but more recently, found that (for me) I can very quickly assimilate so much information in this format. BTW – I sure wish 3Y0I activates in October of this year!

This is another really cool visualization and might be more your cup of tea. In fact, you should spend time trying all of the buttons at the bottom and seeing what might help you the most. And actually, the real improvement – for me – is how you set a few things and then very quickly can contrast and compare out formats that suit you the most. And because its so easy and fast to do this – I do not feel compelled to walk through every one – you will have fun just diving in and trying it for yourself!

I am confident that at least one visualization will become your new favorite.

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