Summer Fun

A year ago this past February, I was ending one job and weeks later would start at Credit Karma. I took that time to landscape, and I rebuilt that rock wall and put down a pebble patio. Then I planted a bunch of plants.

A year later and it’s a lush garden, and now we are adding garden “chotskis”. This little bike has a solar panel and it’s headlamp turns on at night.

This is the fun part of summer, and we have nice sun during the day and fog at night. No humidity and temperatures 50 degrees at night and 70 – 75 during the day. It will get hotter – in the 90’s but with a cool 60’s at night – during July, August and September. Here’s the crazy thing – it will be 70 degree’s max in San Francisco where I work – but be in the 90’s when I get home at Summers hottest. For now, we are in heaven, and May and June is a lot like the nicest of Fall weather that I have experienced here and on the East Coast growing up.

Such is life in northern California and in the fog belt. I wouldn’t want to live where it’s blistering hot or humid, or both for all the money in the world. (I paid my dues growing up in New Jersey – hi hi)…

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