Beer of the Week – Port Brewing Hop-15

Since I started my new workout “regime” in February – where I started lifting weights (I’ve been riding my bike to work for a year now since I sold my car a year ago), I had dropped alcohol from my diet. I have cut back on carbs dramatically, my portion sizes are what they should be, and I eat mostly fruits and vegetables – and a little protein. I’ve lost 10 pounds and recently greatly increased my exercise level – so I will enjoy one bomber of beer a week (as long as I can continue to lose weight that is).

This week’s beer is Port Brewing’s Hop-15. It is one of the best Double IPA’s – and I can tell that they have not changed the recipe since they started brewing it probably 10 years ago. It is only brewed in April and September – so it is a limited release beer. Kat and I visited their brewery in San Marcos a few years back when we were visiting San Diego, and the brewery is in a small business park, and its well worth a visit.

My all time favorite beer had been Knee Deep Simtra, but since cutting way back on alcohol, I’ve found that I’m more sensitive to the ABV level – and am looking for beers that have the best balance of taste and aren’t too boozy.

Hop-15 pushes the ABV as high as I’d want to go (10%) – but it is an amazingly balanced beer. It has 15 different hop varieties and has a super cross between Pine and Grapefruit – which is the classic West Coast DIPA taste. I tried one of the new-fangled “hazy” IPA’s last weekend – and did not like it that much. It was OK, but this Hop-15 reminds me of what an absolute top of the hop beer can be.

Hop-15 is easily in my “Top 10” and most likely in my “Top 3” beers of all time.

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