Ol’ Sol

This past Monday, and through this weekend, the Northern Hemisphere is having its longest days of 2018. I like to use this web site and click on the “day length” feature to get a monthly calendar:


So, as you can see, the Summer Solstice really started last Monday and goes for a week. But later today, UTC wise, it will be the “official” Summer Solstice. Here is an interesting statistic – by the end of July, we will have lost 39 minutes of daylight from the solstice. Because of how crazy busy I have been at work, time lately has seemed to go so fast it seems like I wake up one minute, then I’m going to bed the next. Luckily, I’m literally working on the best project – and its a product I designed and have done most of the coding (so far) in my entire 37 year career. This is a “golden time” for sure.

Last Fall, we spent a week in Montana, and I had a very good time. I especially liked Bozeman and its natural history museum – the Museum of the Rockies. We attended a really great little planetarium show and Kat called out this book in their bookstore, which by far, was my favorite read of 2017.

I usually “worship” the Fall. I love how the ham bands come to life again – especially the Low Bands, and love the change in the weather. But this year, the fog has seemed extra cool – bordering on cold. However – we haven’t been socked in that much – but as a natural air conditioner – riding my bike to and from work has been perfectly comfortable. No humidity, crisp air but sunny. Struggling to hang around 70 degrees – which is just perfect. Short sleeves, sunshine and fall like “crispness” in the air.

Guess I haven’t worried that it’s the beginning of the bottom of the cycle since I’m not chasing anything any more. It will be fun to chase Baker on 160M for one possibly exciting QSO this summer.

I have already heard some people talk about this coming Fall Contest Season on the air – so I’m not alone in my love of Fall. But last Fall – when we were in Montana, and when we got home – there were so many wildfires that it made Fall downright scary. We had the exact same weather that the Wine Country had – and even Solano County – just north of us had. We lucked out big time – there was that one week that wiped out so many homes in Napa and Sonoma, I sure hope we don’t get that again, but it is a part of Fall here.

For now, I’ve enjoyed a beautiful Spring, and know shortly we will get some hotter weather. But living and working so close to the Golden Gate and its weather pattern is one of the very best things about living in this crazy SF Bay Area.

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