The KY6R Top Band “KH1 Special”

Within a week, the West Coast, and all of OC-Asia and South America will get the rare treat of a Top 10 Rare Mega DX-pedition during the summer. While the timing isn’t great for all places and while we are pretty much in the few years at the bottom of the cycle, it is very possible for the West Coast to work KH1/KH7Z on 160 and 6M.

I’ll be on CW on both bands, and will have a “Field Day Style” Cushcraft MA-160V next to my 80M 60′ vertical. I’ll completely unhook the 80M vertical and have the MA160V close to it. I can use the 80M feed and my 96 buried radials – and since I worked VK0EK with this same antenna, I expect this one to be much easier. I still have the two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops phased through the DX Engineering NCC-2.

The UrbanBeam works very well on 6M, and while only up 34-ish feet – its up plenty for that band. All in all – this will be my version of “Field Day” – 2 band slots for a team that will be happy to get me in the log on the last two bands I need Baker on. They will also appreciate my donation – and yours too!

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