Almost Ready for KH1/KH7Z

I put together a “field day style” Top Band antenna today. After making 9BDXCC and my struggles with DXCC on 160M, I almost decided to never bother chasing static again.

But Baker and Ducie are two entities I need on 160 and 6M, and because of where we are in the cycle – they are the only game in town as far as generating any sort of “interim” DXCC interest (until someone activates Bouvet or Glorioso).

Its also rare that any mega DXpedition happens in the Northern Hemisphere in the Summer – so while for some this is not a good time – for us on the West Coast it will probably be pretty good. We don’t have lightning here in the SF Bay Area (except for an occasional storm every several years).

With Top Band and 6M, nothing is guaranteed – but I figure it was worth putting up something for Baker – that I can leave up for Ducie – and get a few new ones on bands I don’t have these on now.

2 Comments on “Almost Ready for KH1/KH7Z

  1. Same here — I’m building a frankentenna for 160 out of various bits and bobs, mostly your old castoffs. It won’t be a great performer but I’m hoping it might be just enough for 160. I’m often surprised by 160. I think enough people are scared of it that they stay away, keeping competition moderate. Sometimes, to be successful with moderately distant stations, it seems like you mostly just need to show up. KH1 might be close enough to W6 to get a pass…


    • I think even more than 160M being hard to get to DXCC – the fact that there just aren’t many people on Top Band is what tests your patience. While in the pursuit of DXCC and 9BDXCC I was willing to put up with the endless days of nothing ne to try to work – but once I made the goal I simply lost the drive.

      But – as I say – there is still a little spark – and I like this field day idea – it means when there is something on Top Band – in less than a hour I’m back on that band


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