Super Summer Sprint

If all goes well, the next 3 weeks at work will prove to be this summers defining moment for me. It coincides with KH1/KH7Z, but ham radio in my life has really taken a back seat for some time now. And for you software geeks – I manage projects using Kanban – not Agile / Scrum – and this 3 week time frame just happens to be what an Agile / Scrum sprint would be – but with Kanban we don’t follow that – its continuous development and continuous delivery. But I digress . . .

I learned enough about React.js to design and build a really great Enterprise Data Dictionary “Single Page App” (SPA) that I call the Credit Karma Data Dictionary Explorer. The UX is way better than I expected – it is a very pleasing and professional look and feel, has excellent “information architecture” (data flow), and I was able to simplify some of the data “plumbing” on the back end database and ETL parts of the system. I’m already proud of it – and I’m hiring someone who knows React better than I to complete the app. I’ve been doing the full stack development wise – React.js on the front end and Flask REST API with MySQL on the back end. There’s a lot more to it – but I’ve managed to keep things simple, lightweight and very, very fast.

The other thing that has happened is the release of this app – hopefully in 2 1/2 weeks max – coincides with a couple big data initiatives at Credit Karma where these projects need the Enterprise Data Dictionary. One is a really big deal with our partners and the other is a set of internal data initiatives revolving a new Data Governance program that I started that is a by product of the Data Dictionary Explorer.

So, I’m very excited for the next 3 weeks. This summer is already blowing by fast – and its about to enter “warp speed”. This product is as cool as anything I’ve done in ham radio – and I have features that we will add throughout this year. Whether I’m working on a ham radio or work project that is this good – they tend to “meld” into the same kind of cool.

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