KH1/KH7Z: Easy on 40M CW

I worked them very easily on 40M just now. Their signals are very good – S9 +20, and 100 watts with my DX Engineering DV-40P vertical array did the trick.

The Icom IC-7610 with its Dual Watch is noticeably better than when I had a K3 with two receivers. its hard to explain – except I can listen to callers as well as the DX without fatigue. I remember (with the K3) not having the second receiver on all the time as I do now with the 7610, but always flipped back and forth between listening to the callers or the DX and hitting the A/B button constantly.

OK – I will have to send them a donation. I have been so busy with work I just haven’t been excited about any DX-pedition. The 160M is still on saw horses with only about 1 hour max before its on the air- I just am too tired to bother when I get home each night – but I think I’ll get it going tonight.

They are reported on 160M, and after turning the preamp off and getting the two Wellbrook Loops phased right with the DXE NCC-2, I can hear him barely. A VK said they were weak there.

I will be quite happy filling in 160 and 6M, but it was fun to jump in the fray with only 100 watts on 40M. You know – after not being very active transmit wise, for me, CW has been and always will be the main reason I still transmit at all. Its just too much fun – and “living history” to boot. Its a very unique skill to have in this highly digital everything age – and is an antidote to me sitting in front of a computer coding all day (although I love that too – actually). But its really nice to use a different part of the brain – and CW fits the bill.

4 Comments on “KH1/KH7Z: Easy on 40M CW

  1. Great blog! I read it daily on the SMART train to and from work, on the train as I type this.. I worked KH1/KH7V easily in 10 minutes on 40 CW this morning. A cup of espresso, K3/KPA500 into StepIR BigIR vertical. I sat in the Cotati SMART train parking lot trying to work them mobile. Unable to break the pileup /M, but I have a few more days /M before a 2 week vacation . It was an ATNO for me. I might have worked it many years ago, but only started tracking the last 20 of 44 years of being licensed.
    Jim K6JS


    • Thanks Jim – sorry for the delay in responding – I work at Credit Karma in SF and am building the first product that we probably will Open Source – an Enterprise Data Dictionary – that covers all data assets that a company has.

      I made DXCC on 160M just a few months back – and while I thought I was done with 160M – I’ve decided to have a “Christmas Tree” vertical that works on 160 and 80M.

      Anyway – big congrats on your success – I’m finding that having a mega DXpedition to chase in the Summer breaks the usual monotony of the “Summer Doldrums”. For anyone on the West Coast who needs Bker as an ATNO – this will turn out to be a highlight of the SUmmer and even 2018.

      73 – Rich

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  2. Watch for a good opening and you will work the KH1 on 160! Do you still like to hunt.


    • Hello Frank. I will chase them on 160M – I still like chasing DX even though I have made my DXCC goals. I will have a permanent 160M antenna back up after work tonight. I have been hering them well enough to call on 160M – all other bands are very easy.


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