KH1/KH7Z Top and Bottom Band Watch

On the left is my 60′ 80M vertical and on the right – an MA160V

I was going to slap this Top Band TX antenna up just for a quick new one on 160M with Baker Island, but then decided to maybe keep it up for the very occasional chance I will get to work new one on Top Band. Besides Baker, only Ducie seems to be another one just where I need both 160M and 6M (only) for these “easy chip shot” entities from the West Coast.

I’ll have to add another relay to the 80M switching box and think about the ground – I’m not sure if the two antennas can share the same radials without “breaking” the ground – so that only one or the other antenna is using them. My 40M phased array shares the same ground radials – but that’s an intended part of that circuit.

For KH1/KH7Z I have the MA160V connected and the 80M vertical completely disconnected – both center and ground.

I’m also listening on 6M – at 50.105 as I putter around in the shack – its 90 – something degrees out – so I got my antenna work done in the morning shade.

OK – I was so busy at work this week I finally have time to start chasing them on Top and Bottom bands.

One Comment on “KH1/KH7Z Top and Bottom Band Watch

  1. I’m in a similar situation. I couldn’t decide whether to try for 160 or 80 first, but I worked them on 80 in one call this morning at sunrise, meaning I now have them on 80-15, all three modes. It was actually my first time using your old MFJ-1886. I wouldn’t say it was spectacularly better than the vertical on RX, but it was just enough less noisy to make the difference between difficult listening and fairly easy hearing. The loop is only 10 feet from my vertical, though, so I had to switch it on and off by hand in between keying. I need to work on a better system.

    Anyway, now the MA8040V will come down and I’ll be able to focus on 160 exclusively. Wish me luck! Good luck to you too. I don’t think 12, 10, or 6 are likely in the current condx, so I am guessing 160 will be my last one if I make it.


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