KH1/KH7Z: A Comedy of Errors (my 160M chase . . . Just worked them! )

This is the final circuit – that switches the vertical and the ground radials to the MA160V or the 75/80M vertical.

I got up at 2 AM for the second day in a row – and they said “QSY 80M”. Yesterday they had already done this – today – just as I started calling they QSY’ed.

Last week the MA160V sat on saw horses all week – and I heard them quite well with my 160M RX antennas. All week I just couldn’t bother after work. Work has occupied my thoughts lately – and getting in exercise on top of that has just left me in a state where when I get home I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Bottom line – they were there and I was not. We have this morning and tonight – tomorrow morning and that’s it – they are packing up one day early.

I guess I really don’t care about DXCC any more – I can take it or leave it. Since I made DXCC on 160M – there is no goal beyond that – and there is no level in the 160M chase that I will make from the West Coast – so its a pretty moot point really – but it is fun to modify the 80M circuit – so my ham radio joy continues to be puttering around building stuff and then (maybe) using it on the air. The journey now is designing stuff using CircuitLab and then getting the soldering iron out.

Its funny, but 3Y0Z has turned out to be a bigger turning point for me than I expected it would. That would have been one of the very last 2 DXCC entities that I need to work them all – but I guess with the demise of that project I feel the end of my enthusiasm towards DXCC – sure – its just a coincidence, but its an interesting thought anyway.

If they don’t switch back to 160M in the next half hour I’ll go back to sleep – sleep for work is way more important than a single counter on any band. I’d probably lose sleep over Bouvet and Glorioso, but who knows if that will ever happen. I give it a slightly better than 50% chance – but it will probably be by Cycle 25’s peak – that could be 6 – 7 years from now – right before I retire.

[UPDATE: at about 3:55 AM PST (1055 UTC), they fired back up on Top Band. It took a few calls, but I heard them very clearly come back to me – and that’s using the MA160V for TX and RX by the way.

Here’s an interesting thought – I used the MA160V for both FT5ZM and VK0EK – and on RX and TX. I played with so many different 160M antennas – and honestly, I could have made DXCC with just this silly little 36′ antenna.]



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