Phased Wellbrook ALA1530LNP Loops on 160M

I know I’m repeating myself – but having two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops phased through a DX Engineering NCC-2 is pure joy for the space constrained suburban lot dweller. I just made my 160M QSO with KH1/KH7Z using just a Cushcraft MA160V and 600 watts from the ACOM 1010 – driven by my new all time fave rig – the ICOM-7610.

The new gear just got its first serious workout on Top Band – and I’m pleased. I actually don’t care about DXCC as much as just playing with gear and optimizing what I can do on a small lot. Maybe that is what “The Journey” really has been all along – doing more with less. QRP is relative! 600 watts to a 36′ tall vertical is basically QRP on Top Band – its at least a funny idea anyway.

But the MA160V on RX has a big noise factor – S7 – 8, while the Phased Wellbrook Loops – the noise level is S2. It is truly an amazing difference. I keep the preamps off on RX for Top Band – that was one of the best lessons learned – and I also have kept my RX antennas at least 70 feet away from the TX antenna – that is also critical (sensitive preamps don’t like EMP).

Anyway – the 160M op just said QSY to 80M again – which means I made my QSO in that half hour window. Tonight is their last night on Top Band – then they start breaking down on July 4th – with an early departure (they got there early).


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