KH1/KH7Z: Summer Top Band Fun

This will no doubt be my Big Ham Radio Story as far as on air fun goes for the Summer of 2018. Heck – it forced me to get back on 160M (after I swore I was done with it). This MA160V and its “follow on” project to feed it from the 80M switch box at the base of my 80M antenna (60′ Spiderbeam fiberglass push up pole with wire attached) will fill in another summer weekend one day soon. I just need to ad a relay and do a little wiring.

In fact – the relay will go in the lower right hand corner . . .

OK – now we have the Big KY6R Summer Project too!

Here’s the kicker – they aren’t on 160M this early morning – as they had mentioned they would be – I worked them yesterday morning at what has turned out to be the one chance I got (due my own laziness of not getting the MA160V up earlier). That makes this one QSO this summer that much sweeter.

Not bad since the biggest news is the Credit Karma Data Dictionary Explorer that I am building with a really FB React developer who I just hired. No Summertime Blues or DX Doldrums here.

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