ZS Long Path Opening Again

It seems like the 40M Long Path and even Short Path has been weaker than normal over the past month or so – but this morning I did start hearing them better. Last night I also heard DF2BO on 40M SP – which is another indicator.

We have had 15 straight days of blank sun – no sunspots, so this probably has a lot more to do with the angle of entering the grey line than anything else:

I know that my beam heading to ZS is pretty much due West. Besides the angle going into the grey line – the fact that the days have been the longest of the year for the last month also is part of this I am sure.

Anyway – I never get tired of the wonder of point to point HF communication between the US West Coast and stations near our antipode – and ZS is close enough.

I actually think Glorioso will be work able – even at the bottom of the cycle. I also have a strong gut feeling that the French Team will get permission for Glorioso – and if they do (and it isn’t usurped by a Crozet surprise), I think Glorioso in the next 5 – 6 years can be expected. Glorioso would be much cheaper and easier than Crozet – but there is no doubt the demand for Crozet is higher.

Gee whiz – I kind of think I will get to HR #1 just before I retire in 8 or so years. I think I will be here in Orinda when this happens.

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