DXCC Losing “(Ex) Eastern Bloc” Entities?

In 1989, when Regan announced that the Berlin Wall had fallen, I was watching TV of Germans on both sides of the wall celebrate from a Hyatt in Helsinki, Finland.

While I wasn’t a big Regan fan, since then, the only thing I remember about Regan is that he did everything right regarding the US involvement and response to breaking the Soviet Iron Curtain – and he made me a proud American. At that moment, there was no Democrat or Republican, only American.

I was in Helsinki teaching Gupta SQLWindows classes at Nokia in Tampere. If you are a ham and used SQLWindows in the 80’s or 90’s (or took classes in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Netherlands or Finland) then I was your teacher!

Back to the Hyatt (watching the celebration of my German relatives) … I had just gotten back from going out for a few drinks with my Nokia buddies. They told me stories about how the Hyatt I was staying in had been the scene of Russian spies and intrigue. One fellow told me how much Finn’s hated Russians. I was surprised he was so candid, because I found the Finn’s to be some of the smartest but very reserved people I have ever met. (It was all business until the Vodka was poured!). When I was at the airport and at a train station, I saw St. Petersburg (it was called Leningrad then) on the departure and arrival lists.

In the 1970’s, I listened to all of the Eastern and Soviet Bloc shortwave stations. I heard all of the propaganda. The Republicans called Democrats “commie pinko fags”.

Imagine that, me a liberal Democrat praising a Republican! America was a civil place until 2016.

So, now we have the GOP in the exact reverse role, but it’s much worse. Now, the GOP and Trump supporters call Democrats “snowflakes” and are selling the US (and our ex Eastern Bloc Nations and all of Europe) to Russia. This is truly a very bad nightmare.

I feel that the meddling to destabilize the US is just the first step in a multi dimensional chess game, and where the US has a demented Uncle with a drool bib playing checkers, and poorly. He’s no match for Putin. Hillary Clinton was, hence why the Russians meddled.

I would not be surprised that destabilizing the US and NATO means that you will start seeing the annexation of ex Eastern Bloc countries back into Russia (er, The Soviet Union).

I expect war to break out along the ex Eastern Bloc / Iron Curtain (Crimea was the prelude) ….

In Asia, watch the South China Sea and Taiwan (including Pratas) and the Phillipines especially. Say goodbye to Scarborough Reef forever. It will be a cement monitoring man made island within 2 years. Watch out for the Spratleys and other places.

While our demented Uncle causes a stir in Europe (The EU is the enemy of the US, really?), China can expand. They are very smart, capable and have made great strides with their Navy, all while the US implodes.

And the USA has just completely stepped into this trap and facilitated it. On top of that, we’ve at least done our best to destabilize Europe military. While we screw that up, Asia will change too. Two theatres (again?). All done using hackers without a shot being fired.

Now, add in mass migration due to wars, the heating up of parts of the globe, and expansion of desert regions and rising seas.

Sorry if I’m sounding so “Malthusian”.

It doesn’t get more distopian than this. I need to listen to Radioheads “OK Computer” again – one of my Top 10 favorite albums of all times. And “Electioneering” ……

MAGA – Make America GRU Again!

Losing DXCC entities is the least of our worries.

But don’t worry, none of this could ever possibly happen …. Just more fake news from a libtard snowflake …..

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