REI ADV 3.1: My New “Car”

REI ADV 3.1 – a fantastic bike at a fantastic price – Shimano Deore, disc brakes, and a great steel frame (for us DXCC chasing fatties)

A year and one month ago, I sold my car and will never buy another again. We became a one car family and will stay that way. First and foremost – the bike is used to commute 2.5 miles to BART, and I have no hassles finding parking or paying for that plus gas and maintenance. Secondly, its my message to politicians who have always favored the oil industry and having us citizen – peons “buy or die”, and then there is the environment – one less car makes me feel like I am helping on my little scale. I whiz by all of the cars stuck in traffic along Moraga Way every morning – its hilarious!


The Topeak MTN rack, and . . .

Amazing and very useful Topeak “trunk bag”

The Topeak “trunk bag” that slides into the rack. I now use this bag to carry my cheapie Wouxun HT, a book I’m reading and anything else I need for work. The sides open up and it becomes a full on double pannier with the top storage area as well. Finally, under the trunk bag is a plastic “fender” so my back won’t get wet in the rain.

I’ll take some pictures of my bike as soon as I’m done outfitting it, but instead of paying $30K for a new car, I paid $1200 for a bike. In gas alone for one year – It will easily pay for itself, and it helps me stay in shape. The ride in the morning is all downhill – and of course all uphill, and so I get about 1/2 hours a day intense cardio (I ride to and from work as fast as I can – as a sprint). Then I walk to and from my gym – a mile each way at lunch and do 1000 reps on weight machines 4 times a week. Finally, I ride between 20 – 30 miles each Sunday.

Its an active life – I’ve always done at least something exercise wise since I was a little kid. The only time I cut back seriously is when I chased DXCC Honor Roll – and yes, that is when I got fat.

DXing can be bad for your health – I have to be honest about that – (“butt in chair time” is really bad for you!), especially if your job is coding and also sitting in a chair all your days.

I’m busy repenting for my “evil DXCC” ways these days . . .


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