What DX Will This Autumn Bring?

Autumn in Orinda

Conditions have been pretty crummy this year – even 40M seems to be bad these days. Luckily, working KH1/KH7Z on 160M was a cake walk – so there was some fun and excitement this summer DX wise.

I’ve been so busy at work building – and very soon launching the “Data Explorer” – which is an Enterprise Data Dictionary app that offers descriptions, data quality, security, lineage and several other very cool features, and lets “data workers” find where and what data is available at Credit Karma. There is a push to have this Open Sourced, so maybe at the end of this year – or beginning next.

I noticed last night that the nights are starting to grow a little bit longer – by the end of August it will be quite noticeable. I like the cool nights (and days) – cycling becomes more “invigorating”. DX should be better on the low bands – and I sure hope 40M comes back – I’m surprised its been as bad as its been the last couple of months.

I no longer have any goals DX wise – except working Bouvet and Glorioso. 3Y0I did announce they were shipping gear to Cape Town, South Africa, so who knows – maybe it will actually happen. I am surprised they haven’t produced more news and hype – when you are trying to drum up support – you need to be persistent and also consistent.

For whatever reason (many actually) – Bouvet just seems to elude us DXers . . .

3 Comments on “What DX Will This Autumn Bring?

  1. I’m relieved to hear that DX has been as bad for you as it’s been for me.
    I had been harboring a secret fear that someone out there was having all the fun.
    In the meantime, I enjoy reading your blog.


    • I’ve been quite surprised at how bad 40M has been. Hoping it will come back to life soon.


      • Yeah, it’s terrible. I still check it every night, though,
        eternal optimist that I am. I use the downtime to practice CW, etc.


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