Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens

I have a Sony A6000 camera that I really like. Its an APS-C based camera and has 24 mp. The newer versions have added 4K video, but I could care a less – since the latest version is twice what I paid for this camera.

Since I work in San Francisco and have enjoyed photography in the past – and since this nice camera has not had much action, I have decided to get a Prime lens that I can use for every day commuting to SF and walking around the City at lunch – to and from the gym. I work right next to Union Square – and its a very lively and “colorful” part of town.

This lens is a good deal when compared to say a Zeiss or Leica lens, and it fits the budget better – since digital cameras are somewhat “throw away” – they become obsolete about in the same time frame as a laptop – so maybe every 3 years or so. This camera is 3 years old and there is no compelling reason to upgrade – I was surprised to see that the Micro 4/3rd cameras only now have 20 mp – but I like the APS-C larger sensor better. The full frame sensor cameras are much more expensive than the $500 or so that I paid for this camera.

I always use photography as a main driver for my blogs – so I am hoping to step up my photography for this blog.



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