My 2018 “Summer Cocoon”

While I usually come up with one big “summer project” each year – and mainly to ward off the “Summer DX Doldrums” – this year I entered a “Summer Consuming” project at work – an Enterprise Data Dictionary “Explorer”. Halfway through the second quarter, and on the heels of developing a semantic data warehouse data model for Credit Karma, I found myself without a React developer that I badly needed to create a web app front end to the back end data “plumbing” that I had in place.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and learned React. I also had to build the data REST API – and that was built using Python and Flask. I was able to get the app designed and built to the point where I was querying the database, but was stuck as far as doing updates (actually “Upserts”). Luckily, I hired a really great contractor, and we delivered all code last Tuesday.

Add in a week vacation in Northeastern Oregon, and you end up with a summer that has flown by. I have to rely on several people to take care of the infrastructure where this application / system will run, and so I’m guessing the “heat and steam” that we experienced getting the code ready will be replaced with some “hurry up and wait” infrastructure building. There are a lot of dependencies, and I have to basically “ride herd” to follow through and make it happen. Shades of VK0EK abound!

We will no doubt go live in August – my big hope is this coming Friday, but having been through many such go lives, I am braced for some infrastructure bits and pieces that could cause some delays.

One thing I do know – it will be Autumn in a blink of an eye – and this Summer will have been the “Data Explorer Summer of 2018” when all is said and done – and it is already a very fond memory – even more fun than say the u.Rat (hi hi).

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