Fall Project: Adding 160M To My Remote Switch

I have a remote switch for 75 and 80M (R1, R2 and R3), and by adding in a relay before these, I can switch between my 60′ tall 75 / 80M vertical and a Cushcraft MA160V for Top Band.

This would be a couple hour project – and one that I need to try to get done before VP6D – which is the next time someone will be on Top Band that I should try to work – not because I really need anything for an award – but because its the only upcoming challenge on the road map ahead.

I am starting to wonder if 3Y0Z represents a bigger historical marker than anyone has expected – I think in the History of the DXCC Program it will prove to be a watershed moment – that some entities simply will become impractical to activate – a “bridge too far” if you will. I believe that rising oil prices, inflation due to trade wars, and being at the bottom of Cycle 24 will put a serious damper on DXpeditions from happening. at least in the short term – and maybe even in the long term.

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