My Life in Solar Cycles

Cycle 25 predictions have recently been upgraded to be about what Cycle 24 was. That means I could very well make DXCC #1 from Orinda, but I just realized that I will be retiring and moving from Orinda just about the time that we hit the peak of Cycle 25.

When I realized this, it got me thinking about my life and the solar cycles that have occurred since I was born at the peak of Cycle 19. I started as a ham (WN2QHN) during Cycle 20 (similar to Cycle 23 and 24), and so ironically, I have only ever been active as a DXer during the worst Solar Cycles since I was born.

This isn’t a bad thing – living down here in a bowl with the worst conditions of any cycle since Cycle 19, and I still made DXCC Honor Roll in 11 years is  testament to perseverance, and I hope a modicum of skill.

After reading The Sun Kings last Summer and Chasing Venus this Summer, I realize that solar cycles are indeed a clock of sorts, and that Solar Cycles have indeed influenced my life to some degree.

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