The DX Gulch

It’s almost as if a switch was thrown right as 3Y0Z met their demise – that this Solar Cycle totally hit the skids.

Since making DXCC on Top Band in or around February / March, the only notable QSO that I’ve had this year was with KH7Z/KH1 on Top Band. (Geez how did these guys get such a turkey of a call when the previous DXpedition got K1B?)

Anyway, it really feels like the first year of two at the bottom of the last cycle. Two years of shit, but you do have to be vigilant. Back then I was still in the “DXCC 320’s”, so I was motivated to standby for years for an ATNO. And I did snag quite a few ATNOs during the dregs of Cycle 23.

I’m at a point where I listen to the radio for 1/2 hour before I go to bed and don’t hear much of anything.

Hopefully, 40M will open up a bit this Winter, because even that band is in the ditch.

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