Back To School – and, Will 3Y0I Happen?

Autumn is my favorite time of year – and yesterday I saw the first orange and red leaves on my neighbors pepper tree. Interestingly enough, while some of the Sierras are down in the 40’s – and a very few in the 30’s – Orinda might also get down in the high 40’s tonight (very early morning).

As I expected, this Summer was the “Summer of Data Explorer” – a project at work that is my first serious commercial software product (as opposed to just another program or app). It was delivered in one quarter, and it was one heck of a quarter at that. Originally planned for Q2, it started 6 weeks late – due to the fact that I needed a React and Node developer, and when I didn’t get one, I designed the UI/UX and taught myself React. I had the back end database and REST API easily in the bag – but React and Javascript (the way you code it for React) was a real challenge. I did get the program to query my database, and it looked great. Then, I brought in a young React expert, and then things took off.

No ham radio this summer – except KH7Z/KH1 (yuck – what a crappy call – I still can’t get over what a POS those guys got stuck with). I still listen to 40M every morning with coffee and also listen at night on 40M – and even check into The Mission Trail Net each night on 75M, but my ham radio days are being more and more replaced by other things. I’m starting to feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to as far as DXing and playing with antennas. I still love my new gear – its just now relegated to a “little lite entertainment” and that’s it. I have not gotten into FT8 at all – but still like CW and SSB. Maybe its sitting in front of data all day that keeps me more interested in the old “analog modes”.

The roads will be clogged tomorrow morning in my area with parents bringing their kids to school – the days of kids walking to school or riding their bikes to school all but ended years ago – for rather dubious reasons. For cycling to work, its better for me – the cars are lined up going slow – and I whiz by them. In the summer, traffic moves faster and with people texting while driving – it does make me a bit nervous sometimes. I am looking forward to fall colors – and we do get a nice smattering here in “Lamorinda” and along our bike rides to Danville. The colors are just starting now – and will go all the way through Thanksgiving – even into December.

I work in The Phelan Building in San Francisco – a really cool old Flatiron building, and going to work all this summer has been a blast. I like the history of the building – and the many other historical buildings nearby. Its also more fun working right next to Union Square – which surprises me a bit – the area gets really festive during the Holidays. I walk right through Union Square to get to my gym – so this year I will see it decorated daily.

We have one last month of Summer – and soon, SF will be clogged with several very large International Conventions – pretty much all software related – like Oracle World and Salesforce “DreamForce”. With Moscone Center only a couple blocks away – I’m in one of the busiest parts of the City in Autumn.

I don’t have much to blog about Ham Radio wise. The biggest curiosity now is 3Y0I. They have shipped their gear – and have added one new team member – but I can only guess that they haven’t advertised because they either aren’t going to actually do it – or – perhaps they want to surprise everyone. They had a poll and pretty much asked if everyone would pay $10 plus OQRS fees for a QSL. I understand where they are coming from – and support charging whatever it takes to make up a budget for such a project. I haven’t seen any large grants awarded to them – so this one remains a mystery.

I know one thing that will signal that they are really going to do this – if someone like say, Dmitri – RA9USU joins them – as he did their TI9 DXpedition a few years ago – and that was quite a good show – so they are capable – its just that there has been one too many “false starts” with Bouvet – so skepticism rules supreme.

Update – this morning I heard some ZS stations on the 40M LP at S9 +10, so as we closer to Autumn, my favorite band sure feels like it won’t disappoint. He heard me with just my 100 watts, so I’m looking forward to the low band DX as we heard into Fall and Winter

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