Question For The ARRL: Is DXCC on Auto Pilot?

Fall of the Berlin Wall – November 1989

I’ve now had three DXers tell me that “If I were to start DXCC today – there is no way I would ever make DXCC HR #1”. Of course – that is true – given today’s list, but lists can and have changed over the years. I then started wondering why there was a gradual increase in entities after the Fall of the Berlin Wall – which was the last time a socio-political event had a far reaching effect on the DXCC List. There was a flurry of new entities added into the early 90’s – but then the list started climbing – and it wasn’t because of any major socio – political change in the world.

The answer is – some DXpeditioners and DXers with the right strings, levers and pullies, decided to start changing the rules. Why? They were bored – they had worked everything and wanted to keep pushing the bar higher. The problem with that philosophy and approach is that the unintended consequence is that they have made it impossible for someone starting out in the DXCC program to make HR #1 now. I think plain Honor Roll is do-able, but even that’s getting harder.

These fellows (yes – they were all men) – are now in the twilight of their years and so we are now at an interesting point in time. We have entities that might never be activated again – and no word from the ARRL regarding anything about the DXCC program. No blog – no email – no postings on the ARRL DXCC Desk – nothing.

The DXCC program seems like its just on auto-pilot – I’d love it if the ARRL had a blog where they discussed their DXCC program – or even just an article every now and then. “How’s DX?” is fine – but I can’t even remember the last time the ARRL posted anything regarding the future of the program. Sure – they mention who is going on a DXpedition – but there are at least 5 web sites that provide that news already.

What is the ARRL’s DXCC 5 year plan? 10 year plan? 20 year plan?

2 Comments on “Question For The ARRL: Is DXCC on Auto Pilot?

  1. You can think about this topic in another way. Now the world is getting smaller because of the internet and people might be less interested in working DXCC. Our hobby is still experimental and it might be going another way in the next 5-20 years? Tell me, honestly, DXCC is nice but hasn’t anything to do with the number of recognized countries these days. These DXCC rules are all invented (by the ARRL??). In the end it is all a hobby. Even when you reached DXCC HR #1 no one will ever remember after you are not on earth anymore. It is just for your own mind to accomplish. However, something like your remote tuner can be interesting long after you are gone…just thinking. Just go your own way…and don’t look to much at organisation like the ARRL. 73, Bas


  2. Agreed – if I were only interested in DXCC, I would have gotten out of the hobby by now – but there are many other new things to try. In fact, at this point, just enjoying listening, tuning around and sending CW are enough to keep me in my shack and on the air – even at the bottom of the solar cycle. It never ceases to amaze me how – even at the bottom, ZS stations are S9 +10 or so – with an SSN of Zero.


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