What’s Next at KY6R?

I’ve been so busy at work – and since I was designing and building a data product (that might be Open Sourced next year), its been a lot like working on a ham radio electronics or software project. So – this summer, my “Summer Project” wasn’t a ham radio project – but a work project – and I had as much fun at work as I do tinkering with antennas and maker – ham electronics.

Here is my short list of interesting ham radio projects that I will do sooner or later:

  1. Add a relay to my 80M antenna so I can switch to the MA160V. This can be done in a couple of hours – when it gets cooler in the Fall, and before we get our rainy season
  2. Move the ALM-31 tower up onto my deck and add some height to the top to get the UrbanBeam up to the 45′ level. With the sunspot cycle at the bottom for what will surely be 2019 and 2020 – there is no rush at all
  3. Something Arduino or Raspberry Pi based. The big problem is that because I code all day – and have been working weekends lately – it will no doubt take some time before I feel like coding on a weekend. Maybe I will look for an unbuilt NorCal40A kit to build – just for some “analog” fun
  4. Start seriously listening to the ARRL CW bulletins at night – and on 160M – for nostalgia sake and to get better at CW. I’ve been using CW since 1973, but with DXing – sending 5NN TU makes you rusty

I really like the fact that ham radio has now become my “TV”. I don’t watch TV, I’m not a movie buff – and besides watching some YouTube clips of a few comedians – like Stephen Colbert, my Ham Radio is the equivalent of my TV. I love my ham shack – its a really nice little room and when I’m tired after work – or when I start and finish my days in the shack for an hour here or there – its always fun and I’ve done a lot of thinking and have come up with some of my best ideas there. Lately, I’ve been doing work in the shack and with my new monitors mounted on the wall, I find that its an awesome home office. In fact, yesterday I had to do some tedious work for 6 hours – and at least could listen to my IC-7610 while doing that tedious work. BTW – I still love my ICOM IC-7610 – it is still my favorite rig.

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