Scenes Along The Daily Road

My daily bike commute takes me past some interesting scenes. In fact, there are things I wouldn’t see if I were in a car – so I have decided to carry my camera and only take photos when something catches my eye. There is a lot of old growth in our neighborhood – and the theme this year seems to be to cut down old trees and remove old juniper thickets.

We have a cafe at Credit Karma and its even better than any of the coffee places that I pass on my way to work. I pass two coffee places on my way through the small village of Orinda, and then two when I get to work. They both happen to be Starbucks and Peets. I like the CK cafe better.

I’ve recently found that my main hobby has been reading rather than ham radio – I am reading three or four books at a time – a chapter from each – The Lunar Men (history of the Industrial Revolution in and around Birmingham, UK), How to Design With the Mind in Mind (gestalt theory and software UI/UX design) and Javascript – The Good Parts (computer language). There are other technical books I read chapters from – High Performance MySQL and others.

Carrying my camera is fun – as is reading – they offer a way to see and learn new things – which I think has been the best part of ham radio. I still like tuning around and occasionally calling some DXpedition in a pileup – but I am sure that without CW I’d probably be less and less interested in ham radio. CW keeps the interest mainly out of nostalgia – I feel that I am part of a dying breed as far as Morse Code goes.

Its a novel and very unique skill to have.


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