KY6R’s Current Reading List

This is a really great little book on MIT Press. The Credit Karma Data Explorer is a Metadata based system and application, and I have never seen such a great description of metadata – (which is a hard “sell” because it can be a very abstract concept for even the best IT folk that I have had the pleasure to work with). As I have been using the Data Explorer in my daily work, I find myself asking and answering questions about data – almost like a data forensics expert. This book reminds me why I feel this way and how metadata is all around us and is such a driving force in our data driven world.

This book chronicles in epic proportion – the inventors and visionaries of the first Industrial Revolution. It is a fantastic read after reading The Sun Kings and Chasing Venus.

Having been an Oracle DBA for 22 years – and also having worked as Gupta Technologies International Marketing Manager – specializing in SQLWindows – (a really superb late 80’s client server database Windows app development tool) – designing the Credit Karma Data Explorer – especially its UX and UI came natural to me. The trick was to make navigating a complex data environment simple – and providing the user with an interface where they might actually add content to our data dictionary. So far, so good – and this book helps me take my UI and UX knowledge up to the next level.

Maybe because of the disastrous 2016 US election and social medias part in planting the most divisive, moronic and democracy killing (can you say Idiocracy?) president in the white house – I found the title of the book compelling . . . . and timely . . .

This book gets into the psychology behind what makes a good or bad user interface. Great examples, and when combined with several of the other books – completes the picture that I had painted with the CK Data Explorer, and what I can do to make this product even better.

Sunspots? Who needs sunspots? When there is nothing going on during this bottom of the solar cycle – you’ll find me in my comfy green chair reading that stack of books on the coffee table . . .

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