Fall Color Photography Map

Fun fall color prediction map at https://fstoppers.com/nature/2018-us-fall-color-prediction-map-landscape-photographers-284279

One of my other hobbies is photography. Years ago I had a Leica M6, Hasselblad medium format camera and a Graphic View 5×7 camera. In the late 1990’s, I switched to digital, once cameras had  whopping 2 megapixels!

I use a Sony a6000 now with a couple decent lenses – it does everything I need for now. I don’t expect that I will get another camera for at least a year – and I’ve had the a6000 for about 3 years already – a record for a digital camera and me. The a6000 is a 24 mp camera with a 1″ sensor – and the features they added in the last 3 years are nothing that interests me (4K video, digital EVF, etc).

I’ve been cataloging all of my digital photos going back 20 years – which are on about 3 or 4 computers – some that I expect won’t last long – so I am copying all of the photo files to a tiny 2 TB USB drive attached to my laptop. I SFTP the files from the other computers using FileZilla, and over this past weekend – copied all of my old photo CD’s – a shopping bag full of them. At least I had them in old Aperature projects – and so its relatively easy to export them into directories and back them up. True to Apple form – they long ago discontinued Aperature and iPhoto – and so they are along the lines of my old Mac – a beautiful big aluminum case rig but stuck at OSX 10.6 . . . oy vey

Wow – CD’s sure are slow when you compare with a computer hard drive to an SSD. Even over wireless its ultra fast to back up these (non CD) based files.

I’ll try to post some nice Fall color photo’s soon – the one’s from a Colorado trip a few years back are about the best I’ve ever done – Colorado in the Fall is just amazing – as majestic as New England – but with the Rockies as well. Some with white caps.

Is it already September 5? The only bad thing about Fall is that it always goes by way too fast . . .

2 Comments on “Fall Color Photography Map

  1. There must be something in the water. I’ve just been doing the exact same. I had four old HDDs in the closet, and it occurred to me I had never bothered to back up my photos in any consistent way. I used an app called “PhotoSweeper X” to identify all the pictures and movies on those drives, and copied them all out to a new 8 TB (!) HDD. Now I’m letting PhotoSweeper work its way through and identify all the duplicates, and remove them. After that, I’ll be uploading them all to Google Photos. I’ve found almost everything from my travels dating as far back as 2002, when I had a lot more hair and way fewer wrinkles, sigh. For some reason Cornwall 2012 seems to be missing. Maybe there’s another HDD floating around somewhere? Anyway, I’m just lucky none of my drives had died, as some of them are really old now, dating back to W’s administration.


    • This effort turns out to be a great way to spend the bottom of the sunspot cycle indeed. I also opened a 6 month account with Ancestry, and have my fathers side of the family documented in detail back through the 1500’s. The Holoch family were early Stuttgart settlers who all originally were from a very close area around the Neckar River. My part of the clan were died in the wool “Stuttgartians” – The bigger surprise was my mothers side (East, Linnington) in the UK – they were in London but during the war ended up in Torquay.

      The tie in with photography is that in the 80’s I traveled to all of my families towns and burgs – so I have photos that can make the family tree come to life. In the mid 90’s I started this tree project but stopped after getting all of the German State archives that barely went back to 1700. Now – Ancestry has the scans of old German Church Records – and hence why I can go back to the 1500’s.

      The name did originate back to Hohloch and before that Hohenloch – and there is a very wealthy family with that name still there – and with several castles.

      I will add the family tree and photos on the 2 TB slim disks, and make copies for my two boys – this will make for a nice little stocking stuffer this year – heh heh.


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