Oregon in Early Fall

Mount Batchellor, near Bend, Oregon

Oregon is an interesting state – with a lot of variety. We were there a few years back in September – visiting during the big Octoberfest celebration – and we were treated with an early snow.

This was Lava Lake south of Bend along the Chain of Lakes road.

Mt. Thielsen – on the road past Crater Lake

There is a “zone” from Mt. Lassen in Northern California all the way up to Bend, Oregon – where there are many volcanic peaks that are just stunning. They aren’t the same as the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but a different kind of beauty nonetheless. AT my home here in Orinda, I live at the base of an old volcano – which is now a regional preserve – the Sibley Volcanic Preserve. I can see the connection, and between the geology and the redwoods in Northern California and then Pines in Oregon – I see and feel the connection.

The Fall colors were just starting to show in Oregon – along the Rogue River

Rogue River Fall colors

September snow near Lake Pauline, Oregon, near Bend

We were caught in a small snow squall right as we were at Lake Pauline – and it was gorgeous, and like magic.

The sky had gone from sunny to cloudy and the snow squall formed right over Lake Pauline

I just realized that even as far north as Bend, that Fall colors are more from landscaping trees in town than out in the wilds. Like Northern California – the foliage is more evergreen – redwoods, pine, blue spruce, cedar. There are more different kinds of oak and grasslands in my home area, and more piney forests up in Oregon – but I think I feel the connection now more than I have in the past.

Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen sure do feel connected to Oregon – and the “Lower Cascade” range. While I love the California Coast all the way from the top of the state to the bottom or the state, I think I’m more of a mountain person – maybe because I grew up in the Kittatiny Range in NJ – which are part of the Appalachian’s. There is just something about Fall and far Northern California and Oregon that brings back the best memories of where I grew up – but is similar and different at the same time. Its hard to explain – its one of those feelings that almost feels “dreamy”.

One thing for sure – the natural beauty of the world is the best antidote for all of the ugliness us humans seem to inflict on each other. These mountains, forests, lakes and streams do their thing and act as sentinels over us small and insignificant humans.

If they could laugh at us – they would.


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