Fall Like Weather Pattern in SF Bay Area

Yesterday we had a gorgeous Maxfield Parrish like sunset – “pinky – blue” sky. This is because the Jet Stream seems to have behaved a little bit more like our Winter pattern – there is a dip from the Gulf of Alaska combined with the clouds and cool temperature – and the fact that the daylight hours are noticeably shorter now – and it all leads to a “Fall Tease” – but one I welcome.

Is it almost half way through September? Yikes – where does time go? At least I haven’t wasted a minute of it – the Data Explorer project at work continues with a really cool feature we added – a Domain Data Modeling widget!

As far as Ham Radio and DXing – I turn the radio on daily and at least check into the Mission Trail Net on 75M. Its good practice to at least tune around and have some radio time – but its been a long time since I had that “zest” for Ham Radio – to be honest. I still love the hobby, its just I have been too busy and also don’t know if or when a new idea or project will pop up that I get excited about. No problemo – since just after finishing 9BDXCC and 160M DXCC last March – work has been my ham radio.

November 1 – and Bouvet lines up nicely with the West Coast!

I actually think 3Y0I will happen, and I know for a fact it will be after the first week of October. They have added a Japanese antenna company as a sponsor – but have been ridiculously quiet – not instilling confidence – but if they do go – my “membership” in their project will have been a good thing. Honestly – if anyone goes and activates Bouvet – let them charge as much as they need to to recoup their costs. If you go out to lunch in San Francisco – it will cost between $10 – $15 – so even $20 for a 3Y0I QSL seems like a mere pittance. Its too bad there are cheap hams who will buy the latest gear and put up several big towers then whine about having to contribute to a DXpedition.

Its a pay to play world . . . .




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