The Road to Telluride

The road to Telluride, Colorado (click on the photos to get a full screen view) . . .

Thank goodness for Metadata and the EXIF photo file format. The photo’s from Telluride are about the best I’ve ever taken as far as landscape photo’s go. While the camera is part of the deal – Telluride itself “unfolded” with light like I have never seen before or since this fantastic trip with Kat. The camera that I used? The Sony DSC-RX100 – a wonderful little pocket camera.

We stayed at a ski resort in Telluride, and as we approached it at the end of the day – the drama of aspens with a dusting of snow was just phenomenal. My minds eye has remembered this trip for years now – its a set of images burned in my minds eye forever.

There are so many scenes from this trip – I could blog for weeks about it.

While all of these photos follow the “panorama” theme, I was also struck by this old house – which looked like it was being consumed by beautiful, but somewhat “mischievous” aspens.

The update to that little pocket camera is out – and I’m thinking about it. Its useful to have the smaller and the bigger camera – it lends to more spontaneity and flexibility, and I’d love to take more pictures from my bike – but find the larger camera with lenses is better when you are in the car travelling.

I just backed up every digital photo that I have taken from the late 90’s until just recently – there were many I didn’t want to look at because they were taken before the divorce, and I simply didn’t have the heart to look at my “past life”. But enough time has passed, and its interesting to see the big chapters in my life – all digitally, and with Metadata that chronicles at least what the camera was and its settings.


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